Although carmakers regularly showcase concepts produced in-house, these are normally under a set of restrictions. While wouldn’t necessarily call it boring, but most are notably generic when it comes to presentation. Occasionally, industrial designers are struck with inspiration and with enough time on their hands dabble on cool projects such as this Citroën ME.

We find it fun, quirky, and unconventional, which are usually the ingredients for something remarkable. Furthermore, being an emission-free option adds to its appeal. At first glance, the all-electric two-seater appears to be assembled like a LEGO set. To our surprise, the designer, Alexandre Pain, intends it to be a modular platform.

So far, Volkswagen appears to be the first carmaker to introduce one to the market, which it calls the Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukaste (MEB) system. The Citroën ME might not exist outside of digital space, but who knows what the future might bring right? This vehicle sports a symmetrical form factor.

If not for the presence of the windshield most folks would likely find it difficult to tell which is side faces forward or back. According to Pain, the ME apparently draws elements from the Citroën Ami and Mehari. Overall, the EV looks like a lot of fun to drive around the city.

It packs a 22-kWh battery which may not be as impressive as most commercial models, but it’s enough to give it up to 124 miles of range. Top speed should hit around 50 mph, which is not bad for urban mobility. Instead of a traditional lighting setup, it relies on twin array of LED lights – white for the front and red for the rear. It’s such a shame that the Citroën ME will never see production.

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Images courtesy of Alexandre Pain