There were a bunch of blockbuster movies that came out in 2023, but nobody expected a monster flick from Japan would earn praise even from the most discerning entertainment critics out there. Everybody agrees that Godzilla Minus One was a welcome back-to-roots film that depicted the titular Kaiju as an insanely destructive force. Now, Citizen pays tribute to the rampaging reptile with a limited-edition Promaster Dive.

The iconic diver’s watch is also reportedly marking a major milestone in 2024, which makes this collaborative project so awesome. Fans of the franchise shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to flaunt their love for the “king of monsters” with two bold variants to choose from. We typically prefer chunky watches and this model does not disappoint.

Its 48.2 mm x 18.5 mm case is crafted out of stainless steel with what appears to be a black DLC treatment. The Godzilla Promaster Dive’s rotating dial features knurled edges and is likewise made out of the same metal but flaunts a cool laser-etched camouflage. The pattern is reminiscent of forged carbon fiber.

A similar aesthetic is likewise applied to the dial — red for reference BJ8059-03Z and black for reference BJ8056-01E. Flip it over to see an etched footprint of the creature on the case back. The knurled crown sits almost flush with guards on both flanks and is located to the left of the case middle.

This effectively makes the Godzilla x Promaster Dive a tough “destro” timepiece with an exceptional depth rating of close to 1,000 feet. Of course, a crucial cog in the machine is Citizen’s in-house B873 Eco-Drive movement. Powered by any light source, it’s as sustainable as you can get.

It ships with an eco-friendly black polyurethane strap manufactured with “biomass-derived materials” and a stylish travel box. “Superior functionality in a fierce new watch – since Promaster was introduced in 1954, we awakened something, and now it has returned: meet the Citizen Godzilla X Promaster Dive 35th Anniversary Limited Edition,” reads the product description.

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Images courtesy of Citizen