While every other carmaker at CES 2023 brought along or previewed concepts and prototypes of EVs, one opted for something else, but still related to green motoring. With many of its Stellantis stablemates out in full force with their respective emission-free models, the group previews the Synthesis Cockpit. This addresses a crucial aspect consumers will want in a mobility platform.

Forward-thinking folks back in the day have always envisioned a driverless future. Autonomous capabilities that allow cars to navigate safely through traffic, plot routes, and so much more. The automotive industry’s goal is to eventually let artificial intelligence take control over everything. Current technology is inching ever closer to that proposed reality.

To emphasize its goal of complete autonomy, the Synthesis Cockpit does not come with a steering wheel. Instead, what welcomes people into the cabin are plush seats, an elegant interior design, and a 37-inch infotainment display that spans more than half of the dashboard. Chrysler claims cutting-edge AI systems will continuously gather data to automate its functions according to the owner’s habits.

It likewise supports wireless connectivity with personal devices to enable even more handy features. The marque notes it can analyze information from the calendar such as appointment schedules and issue reminders. Location services should help plan routes ahead of time. Also, the Synthesis Cockpit can multitask with e-commerce platforms, charging services, parking reservations, and more.

Chrysler states the materials in use are “sustainable, 100% chrome-free, and include premium features, such as a pair of vegetable-tanned, suspended seats wrapped with an arctic upcycled chrome-free soft trim embellished by a constellation-style perforation.” This means the Synthesis Cockpit ensures eco-friendliness all throughout the EV.

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Images courtesy of Chrysler