As expected, it’s now an annual practice for carmakers to unveil upcoming EV entries as well as concepts. It’s great to see them committed to an emission-free future as we inch closer than ever to eco-friendly motoring. Chrysler managed to keep whatever they had in development tightly under wraps for some time now, but it’s time the public got to see the Halcyon.

A glance at the sleek silhouette before us evokes a sense of speed, style, and elegance. Moreover, everything is packaged as a guilt-free indulgence for motorists given its all-electric configuration. Sadly, the only thing holding it back is the “concept vehicle” affixed to its name.

Our experience tells us, it’s possible Halcyon — as it is presented here — would never hit mass production. Nonetheless, we can only hope to be wrong regarding that call. The Halycon immediately gives off a supercar vibe with its clean lines and smooth curves at all the right spots.

The front doesn’t even bother to incorporate grilles of any kind and features a slim illuminated LED strip and splitter. This likely holds the headlights, turn signals, and daytime running lights. It is matched with a similar setup at the rear for the taillights accompanied by directional blinkers and a diffuser below.

What we never expected is the 2+2 seating arrangement, which practically defines the Halcyon as a sports sedan. As they always say, “The more the merrier.” Chrysler tells us the rear seats are retractable just in case owners need the extra space to stow larger items.

Speaking of the interior, the manufacturer claims 95% of the materials in use are flagged as sustainable. The glass roof canopy enables unhindered views and is dimmable alongside the windows. Augmented reality technology allows the Head-Up Display to provide immersive entertainment.

Three core selling points include the STLA Brain, STLA Smart Cockpit, and STLA AutoDrive Level 4 Autonomy. Everything functions in synergy to make the Halcyon a cutting-edge mobility platform. By the time something like the Halcyon hits the streets, rival marques should also have models to match or surpass it.

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Images courtesy of Chrysler