Although he may not be the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to exquisitely designed watches, now is as good a time to change that, with this beauty. Ideally suited for someone who feels Audemars Piguets and Patek Philippes are not quite special enough, this is a marvel of handcrafted watch making.

It was designed and created by Makihara using old-fashioned Edo-kiriko techniques to form the complex and painstakingly detailed crystal dial.

This part of the process of creating the timepiece takes a full day of solid work. Due to this enormous amount of personal skill and downright dedication to the job, it should be seen as more than just an elaborate or fancy timepiece, but more of a work of art. A true passion project!

This exquisite piece of jewelry also has a distinctive and eye-catching cherry blossom theme in both the crown and Unitas movement. Complementing the color of the theme is the 18k pink gold 42mm casing.

Considering that it can take as much as 8 months to build each to completion, it is not surprising that only 8 in total will be available to buy. The laborious and intricate work involved, plus this timeframe also goes a long way to explaining the high ticket price.

Even though we would not pay out for this, it is a good-looking watch!