Not only is China now leading the world in electrification, but also doing so when it comes to avant-garde architecture. Given the country is now slightly more open to international influences, it allows designers to flex their creativity on a spectacular level. Thus, imagine seeing the Chongqing Cuntan International Cruise Center for the first time and thinking conspiracy theorists were right all along.

We’re still a long way off from commercial space travel, but the blueprints for this ferry terminal seem otherworldly. Those who were playing “Halo Infinite” recently, are probably thinking the same thing. The towering structures look like outposts the Covenant gladly put up to halt Master Chief’s progress.

Pardon the video game-themed rant, but we know many will agree the outline gives off an extraterrestrial vibe.  As the name tells us, the Chongqing Cuntan International Cruise Center is a modern ferry terminal. Credit goes to MAD Architects as they work around the sloping topography.

The area will occupy a 710,500 sq. ft site just a stone’s throw from the Yangtze River. They say it will become a 699,654-square-foot “international cruise terminal and city complex.” The port measures a little over 161,400 square feet, while the commercial space will be a whopping 538,100 square feet, give or take. Each of the six volumes will be interconnected and provide people inside with breathtaking views.

Skylights of the Chongqing Cuntan International Cruise Center redirect natural light within the buildings. Two restaurants flank each corner to give everyone a stunning dining experience. Meanwhile, those on ground level can go for a stroll along the walkways of Century Cun Tan Park. Work will begin in November 2022 and completion is pegged for sometime in 2027.

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Images courtesy of MAD Architects