Imagine you are hiking around the mountainous areas of Chengde, China and stumble upon an odd structure. It looks like a massive boulder that was carved into a temple of some kind. Aliens, right? Well, not exactly! You see, what’s actually in front of you is the Chapel of Sound and it is something else.

At least that’s what they want you to believe. Kidding aside, this massive monolith is about a two-hour drive away from Beijing. The layout and location lend a mysterious and mystical atmosphere to the Chapel of Sound. We believe this will eventually become another top tourist attraction for those in the neighborhood.

Credit goes to OPEN Architecture for the blueprint of the building, which gives people a sense of being one with nature. The spot where this is in boasts a backdrop of trees and mountains after all. It may be man-made, but its outline flows with the landscape.

This flawless execution of architectural design takes experience and skill to pull off. It’s a good thing the firm and teams behind it knows exactly how to approach the construction. The Chapel of Sound features a semi-outdoor amphitheater, viewing platforms, an outdoor stage, and a green room for the performers.

Everything about the Chapel of Sound is a mix of concrete with aggregates from the local mineral-rich rocks. The form looks like an upside-down chunk of rock that was repurposed into a concert hall. Inside, there are winding staircases that eventually lead to the rooftop. Up there, guests can marvel at the breathtaking views of the valley and even the Great Wall.

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Images courtesy of OPEN Architecture/Jonathan Leijonhufvud/Zhu Runzi