When your very core craves speed, there are many ways to sate that hunger. Take your pick from theme park rides, extreme sports, supercars, aircraft, and ships. Those who want to answer the call of the sea may want to check out the 52R Hybrid from C’est Normal, which is currently available for about $3 million.

This rigid inflatable boat (RIB) is the work of Jon Olsson and Bernico Powerboats. It took the Professional alpine ski racer and the shipbuilder approximately four years to come up with this high-performance platform. These types of vessels are notably more lightweight than standard monohulls, which equates to fuel efficiency and other advantages.

Real-world data from tests and actual usage show that these are virtually unsinkable. Moreover, RIBs boast exceptional maneuverability in almost any condition. The Hybrid 52R packages everything into a sleek silhouette that’s ready to deliver a thrilling experience for anyone brave enough to take the helm.

The Hybrid 52R is packing two 1,550-horsepower Mercury Racing engines. We’re looking at a staggering 3,100 horsepower on tap here. Pre-delivery trials purportedly hit 104.2 knots which is beyond the 101.6 knots world record for a RIB. Like it says in the name, C’est Normal, equips it with an all-electric mode which helps it cruise up to 8 knots in silence.

Carbon fiber is the key to all the weight savings and durability. In fact, the construction of the Hybrid 52R is brimming with composite. You can find it on the sink, toilet, coffee maker, two quick-release racing steering wheels, and racing seats with Öhlins racing shocks. Best of all is that this is ready for a new owner.

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Images courtesy of C’est Normal