The Danes aren’t just good with pastry, they also know a thing or two about innovative designs capable of changing landscapes – or just making travelling through them much easier!

CeramicSpeed may have just made one of the most influential designs in the cycling world and beyond. The bike they have designed, and even made a prototype of it we might add, may just be the most efficient bike built to date. Those that know about CeramicSpeed probably didn’t even blink when hearing about this achievement, as they are also holders of the Eurobike Award.

So, what’s the fuss all about eh? Well, this new bike has no derailleurs and no chain. If you’re a rider then this will save every piece of power your legs generate and put it to good use – nothing is lost! Well only around 1.63% may go to waste but that’s not here nor there.

What have they got against chains? Chains can be a bit of a hassle. When switching gear, they may become worn and stretched over time and need continuous maintenance. As well as not being very good at making good use of energy. Instead, CeramicSpeed have adopted a shaft made from carbon and fiber which can turn around 90 degrees from wheel to pedals. The shaft’s ends are fitted with 21 ceramic bearings offering low friction to transfer exceptional torque from pedaling to drive shaft, to rear cog.

The prototype is undergoing more tests to ensure they can back up what they claim to have achieved. Yet, they seem rather confident and have patented their design. Serious riders may be waiting eagerly to see how these tests pan out as any energy saving technology is of great importance to racers and alike.

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