New York remains one of the world’s most iconic cities and is regularly featured in movies, books, and other forms of media. The bustling metropolis has a lot to offer those who visit and the people that live there. However, there are some places that are exclusively for the elite to enjoy like the Central Park Club.

This private club is only accessible to residents of Central Park Tower and their guests. The skyscraper stands 1,550 feet at 225 West 75th Street along Billionaires’ Row. There are approximately 179 luxury condominiums with prices starting at around $6.5 million depending on the size and location of the unit.

So, there you have it. That’s what it costs to become a member of the Central Park Club. Now, let’s get back to what the venue has to offer those that they welcome inside. The establishment spans three floors and provides 50,000 square feet of extravagance. The topmost plan is on the 100th floor.

Towering glass windows provide guests with panoramic 360-degree views of the Hudson River, Central Park, and Manhattan. Rottet Studio pens the design. The aesthetics of the volumes take you back to when Art Deco was still the motif of choice.

Here, you can find a resident’s lounge, a private park, a screening room, and a 60-foot outdoor pool. There’s also a wine/cigar lounge, a private bar, a grand ballroom, and a restaurant with food prepared by Michelin-star chefs.

“When a view is as stunning as this, the interior design needs to introduce you to the view, not overpower the view,” says Lauran Rottet about the Central Park Club. “Though the interiors are far from minimal, they are also not over-cluttered or decorated.”

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Images courtesy of Central Park Tower