Last time we gave everyone a preview of how people can turn an expensive smartphone into something even more luxurious. That was the Galaxy Z Flip which came from Russian Luxury brand Caviar. We saw several versions of their work on the clamshell foldable. The sheer opulence of the final product is impressive. With the release of the Galaxy S20 series, the company is at it once again. The goal is to turn the handsets into functional pieces of jewelry.

Caviar is offering its services to turn the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra into something even more exotic. Let’s start off with the collection that draws inspiration from a deck of playing cards. For the ace of clubs and ace of spades, the stock glass rear panel of the device is replaced with black composite onyx. The surface features intricate engravings that add to its mystique.

Then there’s the ace of hearts and ace of diamonds. These two pay homage to their color with a red composite stone panel. Just like ones before it, the stylish patterns give each Samsung Galaxy S20 from Caviar a unique aesthetic that looks premium form every angle. Colors aside. All four variants flaunt a golden frame with the elements also crafted from the precious metal.

While each of the suits are rightfully jaw-dropping in their own right, the Joker variant is where things get a little crazy. This one comes with a back panel made of composite kirinite with engravings of all four suits. A relief of image of the fool juggling cards is fine gold and features sapphires and rubies to represent the suits. The script and frame are likewise fashioned from gold. Caviar is only offering 21 examples of each Galaxy S20 model in the collection.

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Images courtesy of Caviar