Gaming is undeniably big in 2020 with folks staying home due to the health crisis. Given, that the pandemic is far from over even with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, people should still stay home to prevent new transmissions. Microsoft and Sony are already battling it out in the next-generation console space. The PS5 seems to be the more popular platform and Caviar recognizes this in the best way possible with its Golden Rock.

Looking at the item shows that it really leaves up to its name. The PlayStation 5 remains a very elusive product to get a hold of since its launch. In fact, resellers are cashing it big by using every means of obtaining units from suppliers or retailers. Caviar probably understands the current situation and is offering the Golden Rock as a highly exclusive one-off to welcome 2021.

Interestingly enough, it seems the Russian jeweler intends to turn the game system into an opulent trophy. Of course, it is only accessible for folks willing to part with a fortune to have this as a showpiece in their homes. If you were watching the official teardown a few months ago, Sony shows that the outer shells are removable. This allows Caviar to cast it in approximately 8 sheets of solid gold weighing about 20 kilograms.

The result is a visually stunning faceted surface in the geometry of a gold ore that will glimmer under the light. The boutique is not only focusing on the console, but the DualSense controller is also receiving a crocodile leather wrap. As for the touchpad, it also gets the gold treatment although we suspect the sensitivity might be affected. Finally, Caviar badging is visible on the gamepad and the game system of the Golden Rock.

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Images courtesy of Caviar