Caviar — the brand, not the food — has been a trusted source for the most luxurious customizations of smartphones, wearables, and more. If you thought flagship devices were expensive, wait until you’ve seen the price tags of the Russian jeweler’s bespoke creations. For its latest endeavor, we have an extremely opulent electric bike dubbed the Herzog.

After featuring several jaw-dropping products from the company in the past, we are somewhat familiar with their method of madness. They’re not just jazzing up the most popular products out there, but carefully selecting those that are already cost-prohibitive for the average consumer. Therefore, the two-wheeler in question here is supplied by Porsche.

Specifically, the donor model for the Herzog is the German marque’s eBike Cross 3rd Gen. “Customizing a bike is an extremely complex and labor-intensive project that requires careful attention to every detail. During the process, some parts will be replaced while others will be adorned with unique decoration to create a one-of-a-kind look,” writes Caviar.

The standard configuration features a sleek frame fabricated out of carbon fiber for its superior strength-to-weight ratio. However, the composite seems to have been coated with an 18-karat gold alloy, which underwent a sophisticated treatment to improve its durability. To match the glittering motif, titanium components with gold PVD are integrated into the build.

Ride in comfort with a saddle wrapped in genuine leather with matching handlebar grips. We’re assuming Caviar is not tweaking the rest of the eBike Cross 3rd Gen., so the standard performance should be intact. Only nine examples of the Herzog are allocated for production and each comes with a custom iPhone as a bonus.

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Images courtesy of Caviar