Before Samsung added foldable smartphones to its catalog, the Galaxy Note series are the most expensive units you can get. However, it has been shuttered and restructured to become the flagship model under the Galaxy S22 lineup. The Galaxy Z Fold4 starts at $1,800 and goes up with higher storage capacities, but Caviar’s Golden Meteor comes in at a staggering $11,020.

For those who are not aware of what the Russian jeweler is all about, the pricing for this custom Galaxy Z Fold4 will seem ridiculous. Nonetheless, what the shop specializes in are embellishments that turn the device into an opulent masterpiece. This is not just a fancy colorway or brand tie-in gimmick.

They replace or incorporate the parts with premium materials such as gemstones, precious metals, and more. For the Golden Meteor, Caviar endows the body of the smartphone with a high-grade alloy with a double coat of 24k gold. Just like in fine jewelry, they’re using a double electroplating process.

These appear as three vertical lines on the rear cover of the handset when the Golden Meteor Galaxy Z Fold4. These frame the meteorite inserts that create an intricate aesthetic. The company indicates that these were sourced from the Seymchan, Muonionalusta, and Diablo Canyon meteorites.

No two units will ever have the same pattern, which means each Golden Meteor is truly bespoke. You can also find the Caviar logo in gold engraved on the titanium hardware. Only 29 examples of this luxurious foldable smartphone are available to order. Other equally stunning variants of the Galaxy Z Fold4 include the Black Rain, Solar Eclipse, and Canyon Diablo.

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Images courtesy of Caviar