It seems like we’re bracing for more major releases from Apple in the coming months. Of course, headlining its 2021 hardware refresh will be its new smartphone. Rumors, on the other hand, suggest there are not enough groundbreaking upgrades to warrant it being called the iPhone 13. Instead, it might be called the iPhone 12S. While waiting, Caviar teases the Grand Apple tablet.

When you want to finer things in life, the Russian jeweler gladly offers its services. In fact, its forte is giving popular items a ludicrous makeover. So far, we’ve seen the brand work its magic on sneakers, smartphones, game consoles, earbuds, timepieces, and even automobiles.

The Grand Apple sees the latest iPad Pro receive the luxury treatment. Caviar loves to work with gold and gemstones. If you want a slate with a lavish layer of opulence, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Now you can show off your device just like how one would with their accessories.

Caviar replaces the housing with a combination of pure gold and rare wood. This intricate masterpiece also uses pure gold for the apple tree and the hill it stands on. The wood panel becomes the backdrop as you spot 9 apples – each encrusted with 9 diamonds for a total of 81.

There are engravings of two quotes in the bottom section. The first reads: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” What follows says: “May your joy be on your journey, and not in some distant goal.” These excerpts are from Steve Jobs and Tim Cook respectively.

The black section of the frame features the text Caviar Luxury Standard and other branding elements. The serial number is visible here as well. Caviar says that the total weight of gold on the Grand Apple is more than 2.2 lbs.

Buy – $153,540

Images courtesy of Caviar