What spirits would you consider mainstays at home or at your favorite bar? It doesn’t really matter if you like it neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, right? Among those on your list, how many are barrel-aged? We’re sure you already have a few in mind, but Cathead Distillery wants to include something unexpected. This is the Bristow Barrel Aged Reserve Gin.

Off the top of our head, we know whiskey, brandy, tequila, rum, and a few others are typically aged in wooden barrels. However, gin is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind that will undergo this type of process. Still, there’s no rule on what type of alcohol can and cannot be stored to develop unique characteristics over time.

Normally gin is a colorless spirit with the predominant essence of juniper berries along with a mix of other botanicals. Some people want to keep it that way, but where’s the fun in that? The folks from Cathead, on the other hand, are offering the Bristow Barrel Aged Reserve Gin in three age statements.

Take your pick from one, four, and seven years, each with an exciting profile. “Aged in brand new American Oak barrels, our award-winning gin’s signature blend of botanicals evolves in both character and depth through an infusion of citrus, caramel, cardamom, and vanilla,” reads the press material.

The combination of the length the Bristow Barrel Aged Reserve Gin stays inside the containers and the “Mississippi heat” gives our senses a lot to look forward to. According to Cathead, the youngest is great for cocktails, while the next should be enjoyed neat or over ice, and the oldest deserves to be sampled neat.  

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Images courtesy Cathead Distillery