Generally, when the wealthy get tired of their toys, they just shop for a new one. The older ones either hit the scrapyard if the condition is really bad or maybe the resale market. With the right tools and skills, some establishments can refurbish these into fresh silhouettes. For example, check out the Catch and what it underwent.

Before the most current acquisition of the aging yet remarkably elegant ship, it was christened the Patriot. According to its listing, the vessel first hit the waters in 1984 courtesy of the legendary Feadship in the Netherlands. In the years leading up to its sale, the hull underwent a series of expensive revamps.

It is unclear if the Catch will eventually change hands again, but it seems the Florida-based owner is in it for the long haul. In fact, for its refit, the 87-footer will make the trans-Atlantic journey back to Amsterdam. It would have been more budget-friendly to have it done by a yard in the United States, but money is not an issue here.

Among the changes made to the vessel include a new crew cabin, a full overhaul, installation of fresh teak for the decks, and a full repaint. Prior to the latest work on the Catch, the engines were replaced with 12V2000 MTUs rated at 1,800 horsepower each. This allows it to reach more than 26 knots over open water.

Feadship Refit & Services states, “the yacht was in excellent condition at the time of the sale, but the owner was determined to bring her back to the Netherlands to ensure his Feadship remains a Feadship.” The Catch is now making its return journey into the waiting arms of its current owner.

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Images courtesy of Feadship