Most disposable outdoor grills are aluminum and are more likely to become a litter problem after the meal is over. That has changed with the coming of the CasusGrill ($8). Winner of the Danish Design Award Building Markets category, the CasusGrill is not only disposable but is made of sustainable materials and is 100% biodegradable!

The body of this one-use grill is constructed of Forest Stewardship Council-certified cardboard that has been lined with lava stone chips. It has a grilling rack made of untreated bamboo sticks and is preloaded with bamboo charcoal briquettes. The CasusGrill is easy to light and, unlike conventional charcoal grills, comes up to cooking temperature in as little as five minutes and can retain that level of heat for an hour. The preloaded donut shaped briquettes assure an even heat across the entirety of the grill for better food preparation and emits about 50% less CO2 than traditional grills. The lava stone liner prevents downward heat emissions and can even be held in your hands.

Once cooking is done, the entire CasusGrill can be thrown into your campfire where it will be completely consumed. This is environmental friendliness at its best! [via]