New Zealand was not really on anyone’s radar before “The Lord of the Rings” movies were filmed there. Soon thereafter, the island country’s jaw-dropping landscapes were drawing interest from locals and even the international crowd. Glamuzina Architects – a Kiwi firm – features one of their most notable works – the Caspers House. It looks simple enough, but its overall design says otherwise.

Nestled among trees with a spectacular view of New Zealand’s eastern coastline, the home is certainly not lacking when it comes to impact. It is located in the Tairua region and is just large enough for a family of four, their pets, and maybe some guests.

The blueprint shows two sharply angled volumes that meet in the middle. The structure also adapts to the sloping topography of the property and Glamuzina Architects executes the layout perfectly. From the exterior, the geometric form of the Caspers House appears to stand out the most.

Its cladding is made of translucent corrugated fiberglass rain screen. They set it over panels of magnesium oxide structural insulated panels (SIPs) and painted timber planks. Up close, you can see these produce intricate patterns.

Meanwhile, from afar, the uneven surfaces of the Caspers House create a sense of depth. Moreover, depending on the angle of the light, it gives off shades of light pink and purple. Inside, residents get to enjoy views of the beach below, verdant trees, and the sea, among others.

The interior also features a chromatic mix, such as dark navy blue, purple, white, and wood. Above the lounge area, you’ll find a mezzanine that can double as another living space, gallery, or bedroom. The unique presentation of the Caspers House is unlike any of the homes around it.

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Images courtesy of Glamuzina Architects