G-SHOCK fans are in for a treat just before the year officially ends. Casio introduces the Ignite Red series – a collection of bold timepieces that pairs its predominantly dark color scheme with fiery crimson accents. The result is a vibrant chromatic combo that’s in line with what many agree is the color of 2023.

The watchmaker extends the special edition colorway to four variants (five in some markets) under its G-SHOCK lineup. Namely, we have the GA700BNR-1A, GAB2100BNR-1A, GA100BNR-1A, and GA2200BNR-1A. These should be enough to appeal to varying personal tastes when it comes to watches.

Apart from the exclusive hue, all are analog-digital models. To earn the G-SHOCK label, the entire Ignite Red roster is as tough as they can get. These timekeeping instruments are engineered to withstand extreme impacts and depths of a little over 600 feet.

Instead of photoluminescent coating, these rely on LED lights to illuminate the dial and hands. This feature is handy to have in dark environments. Each flaunts a distinct cosmetic design, but all share the use of resin for the case, bezel, and strap. G-SHOCK collectors expect nothing less!

Two among these four incorporate Casio’s Carbon Core Guard system for that extra durability. Meanwhile, battery life ranges from two (GA100BNR-1A), three (GA2200BNR-1A), to five (GA700BNR-1A) years for some of the G-SHOCK Ignite Red models. The GAB2100BNR-1A, meanwhile, benefits from the Tough Solar technology.

The GAB2100BNR-1A is also the only entry in the Ignite Red series with support for Casio’s Smartphone Link via Bluetooth. You can now purchase these directly online or through G-SHOCK distributors. Prices start at $99 with $150 as the highest. Are you grabbing any of these bad boys anytime soon?

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Images courtesy of Casio