Your cigars are just as precious as your priced spirits. If you want to keep them fresh tasting then they have to be in the right container. Case Elegance has a selection of specialized cases for your cigars equipped with a humidification system. The Octodor Glass Top Humidor is just one of many.

This is the largest and most luxurious case yet from the brand which can hold 100 cigars. As its name entails, it comes in an octagonal shape with an elegant high-gloss black piano finish. Its hardware also reflects the shape and comes in a space gray finish.  The case incorporates real Spanish cedar to keep away cigar beetles and keep the cigars in the right humidity. 

Case Elegance’s Octodor Glass Top Humidor comes with the coveted Klaro humidor features present in the other cases. These include a built-in digital hygrometer, which is a staple of Klaro humidors, to help ensure that your humidor is well-seasoned. The hygrometer comes with a silicone gasket seal from back to front to prevent unwanted air leakage and it uses the most accurate European sensor on the market. You also get two bottles of humidor solution, a hydro tray, and a pack of gel crystals for your humidification system.

Moreover, the case’s patent-pending, recessed Hydro System keeps the Klaro humidor perfectly seasoned between 65% to 70% RH. Then as for storage, it not only keeps cigars but other related accessories too. It has a bottom tray lined with plush felt that can store a lighter, cigar cutter, and travel case. The cedar tray itself in Case Elegance’s Octodor Glass Top Humidor is detachable and has a movable partition wall to separate your smokes for better airflow and seasoning. 

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Images courtesy of Case Elegance