The pandemic may hinder some international travel but when restrictions cease, Greece should be one of your go-to destinations. The country is famous for its pristine beaches and amazing water views, most especially of the Ionian sea. The Casa Odyssia, situated on the coast of Corfu island, offers an unrivaled view of the sea.

The house sits on a hillside at an altitude of 250 meters. Its unique structure and raw materials provide a stark contrast to its surrounding lush greenery of olive and cypress trees with its concrete planes. The overall design builds upon a center pillar and expands south-east for breathtaking views of the horizon and the sea. Its expansive structure, with sweeping framed glass windows and covered terraces, provides unobstructed views of the scenery.

Casa Odyssia, by Krak Architects, boasts contemporary modern architecture that makes use of natural settings in its design and construction. A circular opening above the main living area provides natural light during day and night time. The opening also adds charm as it provides a relaxing ambiance at night. You can look up at the stars in comfort without having to camp out on the terrace. The circular section also provides a unique play of light and shadow depending on the position of the sun.

The residential property has a total area of 142 square meters with possible space for expansion in the living area. It has both modern and contemporary furnishings and an expansive swimming pool that overlooks the Ionian Sea. This place is truly a wonder and a good destination for rest and meditation.

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Images courtesy of Krak Architects