Carvey The 3D Carving Machine

For those moments when you get a killer idea and you want to materialize it fast, you have Carvey- the 3D carving machine($2,000) making real objects out of real materials. The creators of Carvey (Zach Kaplan and the Inventables team) paired it with Easel, a free design software that lets you design in 2D and view in 3D, instantly and in different materials. Pick the right material(hardwoods, softwoods, cork, soft metals, plastic, wax, linoleum, etc.) and carve exactly what you imagined without having to worry about technical details.

Perfect for creative people, this machine is designed to take you from idea to finished product in under five minutes. It’s fast, easy to use, clean, super quiet, and it would look very cool on our desktop!

Carvey The 3D Carving Machine 2