Don’t you ever have moments when you reimagine what some ordinary vehicles would look like after an off-road makeover? Imagine seeing luxury SUVs like the BMW X5 customized to run grueling endurance races like the Baja 1000 or Dakar Rally. Perhaps it would look something like this cool concept submitted by Carlos “colorsponge” Pecino.

If the Bavarian marque eventually decides to participate in off-road motorsports, they should seriously consider the services of Pecino. The London-based automotive concept artist’s works have been consistently awesome and his take on the fourth-generation X5 is likewise remarkable.

Much like his previous works with Ash Thorp, this machine sports elements of futuristic design. We have sharp lines with a metallic colorway adorned by geometric livery with splashes of red and dark gray. BMW’s M branding in red is visible on several sections to denote its race-ready build.

You can also see massive flared out fenders to accommodate a new set of wheels. The rims are wrapped in chunky BFGoodrich all-terrain tires to tackle the various surfaces it drives over. The ride height of this X5 is way higher now courtesy of the suspension lift kit.

The travel should be more than enough to keep occupants comfortable even on the roughest surfaces. LED lightbars are visible on the forward-facing roofline and on the front splitters. Out goes the original headlights and in their place are a set of strip LED units.

This BMW X5 is now a two-seater since the rear has been tweaked to accommodate a spare tire. The cabin also comes with a full roll-cage which is crucial for safety. It goes to show that colorsponge takes every aspect into account before he works on concepts like this.

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Images courtesy of Carlos Pecino