Vintage collectors do not normally welcome aftermarket customizations for their rides. Instead, they prefer to keep all original elements intact unless something requires repairs or replacements. For owners of classic cars who want to give their machines a modern makeover, Carlex Design will make it happen. Perhaps this Jaguar XJ-C will convince clients of their capabilities.

The Polish tuning outfit already boasts a remarkable lineup of refined automobiles under its belt. Mostly dealing with more luxurious marques, they are elevating these into bespoke levels of upgrades. As for the XJ-C, it’s practically showing off their intimate knowledge of modifying even old-school icons.

Furthermore, they’re making it look so easy. One needs a good eye to distinguish what to keep and which needs to go. For this Jaguar two-door coupe, Carlex Design maintains the sleek outline of the donor vehicle. What follows are aesthetic tweaks both on the exterior and cabin.

The most striking changes apply to the grille, fender flares, bumpers, and lighting. You’ll also notice that the XJ-C now sits on four massive wheels with matching wide-track rubber. It’s likely riding on a reworked suspension system setup as well for a good reason.

The establishment then notes that a new V8 engine has taken up residence beneath the hood. Make and model were not mentioned but it should deliver about 400 horsepower. This is way more substantial than the 258 horsepower of the original V12.

Let’s not forget about the revamped interior as well. “Hand-aged” leather upholstery covers most of the surfaces. Carlex Design is likewise updating the instrument cluster, infotainment system and more. We sure hope the XJ-C is a teaser for more restomods to come.

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Images courtesy of Carlex Design