You probably didn’t know that Carhartt, a company that specializes in durable outdoor apparel, owns Work In Progress. Mainly, this super-hip sub-brand releases really cool stuff. WIP just unveiled this new foldable picnic set, which combines simplicity and portability into one affordable package.

The table is crafted from lightweight aluminum, but don’t be fooled — the benches can actually hold up to 300 pounds each. You can set it up on a camping trip, take it with you on a film set, or install it in your backyard to provide extra seats for unexpected guests at your pool party — it doesn’t matter. You can prop the whole thing in just two minutes.

Want to stow them away? Good, they can be folded up neatly into a briefcase, lock and loaded for your next picnic getaway. Oh, and did we mention the whole thing weighs just 18 pounds? You won’t even have trouble lugging the case around, too, since it features built-in handles for hassle-free carrying.

The benches feature camo-themed seat covers that you can detach and wash once they get filthy. Each bench can accommodate a maximum of two people, but so long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 300 pounds, you’re still good to go.

The Carhartt WIP Foldable Picnic Set is available now for £185, or roughly $240 if you’re living stateside. Carhartt offers free shipping for orders over £90 alongside free returns. If you’re looking for a portable picnic table that’s barebones but gets the job done and is dead-simple to use and carry around, not to mention ultra-lightweight, then this is the perfect choice for you.