The latest innovation of wireless tech paved the way for true wireless earphones and as expected, the AirPods from Cupertino became the go-to choice for the masses. However, the only shortcoming concerning the product is the lack of color variety, which means that everyone is uniformly stuck with white. Luckily, Hadoro understands its client’s needs for something a little different and maybe a tad on the luxury side, which is why it offers a customized set called the Carbon Black.

As the name states, the AirPods and the charging case are all dressed in black—you also get an elegant fiber weave pattern matched with a matte graphite finish. On the other hands, the earbuds are adorned with a soft-touch coating that’s both durable and scratch-resistant. Additionally, the plastic used on the original product was replaced with carbon fiber composite materials this time around. Overall, you end up with a first-class design that’s a cut above the rest.

The market for Bluetooth stereo headphones is currently flooded with an overwhelming number of products to choose from. Each one features its own gimmick that lets it stand out from the rest, but when it comes to portable music playback, Apple is still the king of the hill. Thanks to its fancy upgrades, the Carbon Black Hadoro AirPods likewise carry a premium price tag of approximately $745—to make it even more personal, you can request to have your initials (up to 4 letters) engraved on the case for a small fee.

Hadoro AirPods

Photos courtesy of Hadoro