French madman Benedetto Bufalino is famous for creating surreal (and usable) pieces of art out of old cars. Some of his work includes an excavator turned living aquarium, a Ford Mondeo/wood-burning pizza oven, an upside-down car streetlight, limousine ping-pong table, a concrete mixing truck/massive mirror ball, and this pool party on wheels: the Caravan Mobile Swimming Pool.

While we’re not exactly sure how successful you’d be at hauling this caravan filled with water and people, we hear that its frame functions just fine as a transportable trailer (you can always add water and people at the destination).

With a body that has been modified to hold water, a reinforced steel frame skeleton that keeps the repurposed old trailer tougher, and a rear ladder for easy in-and-out of the pool, this unique caravan is the ultimate summer party on wheels.

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Photos by Benedetto Bufalino