When shipbuilders and naval architects are left to come up with outrageous yacht designs when the budget is not an issue, you end up with some of the most avant-garde luxury vessels out there. To illustrate, we have the Cantharus – a superyacht concept penned by Darin Osborne. What it brings to the table is something never been attempted by others.

You’ve probably heard, read, or even visited fancy establishments that offer a curated underwater experience. These can be via submersible vehicles, parts of a building beneath the waves, or something else. Meanwhile, this 226-footer may look like your average sleek ship from above, but what really counts here is the underside.

The Cantharus boasts a lounge completely submerged below the waterline. This area is sure to impress anybody who steps inside. Huge glass windows line all three sides of the room to provide up breathtaking views of anything within the vicinity of the superyacht. The original idea was to designate the space as an office.

However, clients can also request to turn it into an owner’s suite or anything else they have in mind. According to Osborne, “The underwater lounge is a place to be surrounded by water and beauty.” There’s more to appreciate about the Cantharus as the upper decks boast huge sections wrapped in glazing.

The layout inside its superstructure shows an open floor plan for entertainment, dining, and more. There’s plenty to do outside as well as the aft becomes a massive social space for parties, movies, and swimming, among others. Even the upper deck bridge deck features wrap-around glass. The Cantharus is a perfect luxury platform when panoramic vistas are a must.

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Images courtesy of Darin Osborne