When conducting tactical operations, keeping a low profile is an essential characteristic. The goal is to be as stealthy as possible so as not to alert the enemy. Over the years, reports claim the military has shown interest in electric powertrains for their virtually silent characteristics. Therefore, Canoo closed a deal with the U.S. Army for the production of the LTV.

The Light Tactical Vehicle is based on the Bentonville, Arkansas-based EV startup’s MPDV (Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle) platform. Their contract was awarded in July this year and the prototype seems promising this early on. It all boils down to the performance and modular capabilities of the LTV.

In order to tackle dynamic changes in terrain and withstand extreme conditions, the manufacturer employs the use of high-tech materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. The outstanding strength-to-weight ratio of these composites should boost the overall efficiency of the fleet.

According to Canoo, battery safety and passenger protection are at the top of their checklist. A press statement reads, “the LTV is designed for passenger ergonomics, taking body motion and height into consideration, as well as multi-tasker components.”

As we pointed out earlier, the proprietary attachment system allows it to adapt to any mission requirement. The military can quickly configure the LTV as a pickup truck, flatbed, cargo vehicle, personnel carrier, and more.

The LTV runs on Canoo’s all-wheel-drive technology that can output up to 600 horsepower. Meanwhile, its air springs and 32” all-terrain tires provide higher ground clearance. As of this writing, there is no word on the battery capacity and mileage. Perhaps more details will follow as it nears its proposed 2023 production schedule.

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Images courtesy of Canoo