Earlier this week, we featured Panasonic’s latest Micro Four Third camera – the Lumix GH6. There were two bundles available a body-only and another lens kit. Now, if you prefer to stick with regular DSLRs you already own, imaging enthusiasts know it’s all about the lenses. For Canon EOS R series users, the manufacturer presents two of its latest telephoto RF-mounted models.

Depending on how far you need to be from your subject, there is an 800 mm and a 1,200 mm version. Obviously, lenses like these cost a fortune – currently listed at $17,000 for the former and $20,000 for the latter. Normally, these are ideal for wildlife photography, sports, and other scenarios that require the photographer to be a great distance away.

However, for those of you getting this for whatever reason, we’re not here to judge. By all means, have at it and good for you! Just remember that these bad boys will drain your wallets. Anyway, Canon claims their new telephoto lenses deliver “outstanding imaging quality” and it’s hard not to believe them.

The manufacturer says, “combining two large-diameter elements provides amazing sharpness and contrast from corner to corner — even at the maximum aperture.” Tipping the scales anywhere between 6.9 lbs and 7.4 lbs depending on additional accessories, these are considerably lightweight in contrast to others in the same range. Still, remember to pack a tripod.

Canon also points out that the optical image stabilizer system on the new RF telephoto lenses is top-notch. Even when taking photos by hand, it will compensate for the motion or shake for blur-free images. Finally, just like the older models, these are capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions and so much more.

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Canon Angled Canon Top View Canon 800 mm Canon 1200 mm

Images courtesy of Canon