The Canny smart plug lets you control electronic appliances in the comfort of your bed or sofa. It connects with your smartphone, smartwatch, PC, any wearable device, and even your TV remote to turn your home into a smart space.

This plug uses built-in sensors and user-friendly programming to automate home appliances. You can configure timers and sensors according to your desired plug function. You can set up an alarm or schedule when you want your lights to turn on and off or when to turn the heater on when the temperature drops.

You don’t have to worry about turning off the TV before you sleep. The sensors in your smartwatch distinguish when you have fallen asleep and CANNY automatically turns off the television for you. Want a cup of steaming coffee ready when you wake up? The sensors in your watch detect when you’ve awakened and the plug turns on the coffee maker for you.

The CANNY is capable of performing multiple functions in conjunction with your smartphone or smartwatch. You can define how you want the plug’s sensors to work for each home appliance through its companion app. You just need to pair it with your smart wearable or your phone first and connect to the same home Wi-Fi so you can start setting up conditions or rules in the app.

You can even assign a function to the unused button in your TV remote. The possibilities are endless with the CANNY smart plug.

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Photos Courtesy of CANNY