After a brief teaser of its carbon-neutral hydrofoil speedboat in 2021, Candela publicly debuted the C-8 at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. So far, crowd feedback has been largely positive as many laud its sleek design and green initiative. Just recently, new details regarding the electric propulsion system have come up and should please interested parties with range anxiety.

Whenever there’s a new announcement dealing with sustainable mobility solutions, what people want to know right away is the range. Unlike petrol-powered engines which allow you to gas up and go, battery-electric setups typically take time to fully recharge. Hence, Candela is partnering with Polestar to ease our worries.

Candela further details that the battery pack of the long-range C-8 is the same as that of the Polestar 2 EV fastback. The 69 kWh unit likewise supports DC charging for the fastest charging times ever in a hydrofoil speedboat. Expect to enjoy up to 57 nautical miles on a single charge before it needs to juice up all over again.

Depending on what the buyer needs, the emission-free vessel is available in three configurations. Candela can outfit it with a hardtop, a T-top, or without one to make it your average day cruiser. The C-8 uses a retractable C-FOIL system to raise the hull out of the water for exhilarating trips across the seas.

Moreover, to ensure safety, there are sensors that feed real-time data to the cutting-edge flight controller. This allows the C-8 to adjust appropriately for stability and performance. “Racing car meets flying carpet. Pull the wheel hard, and you’ll feel the driving sensation of a racing car, thanks to instant feedback, fly-by-wire steering,” writes Candela.

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Images courtesy of Candela