Another traditional motorcycle marque finally joins others to promote sustainability. Can-Am was a big name back in the day but is now recognized for its awesome lineup of trikes and side-by-sides. Now, it’s ready to become a top contender in the two-wheeler scene, minus emissions. The Origin and Pulse are its sleek green entries.

Industry sources reveal testing was already underway earlier this year for the duo. However, the manufacturer wants to set our expectations properly since the electric motorcycles won’t ship out until 2024. Surprisingly, the last time Can-Am shipped a bike with its badge was 30 years ago.

Hence, brand enthusiasts might want to save up for these. Depending on the type of ride you need, there’s one for on and off the road experiences. Despite their differing capabilities, both the Origin and Pulse are outfitted with the same Rotex E-Power drive system and battery units.

Can-Am notes the two models can recharge at level 2 stations. Estimates show a quick charging time of approximately an hour or so. The Origin and Pulse will be facing tough competition against brands like LiveWire, Zero Motorcycles, and others. The growing demand will see even more startups enter the market.

The former touts a dual-sport silhouette — suitable for your daily urban commute and unplanned adventures out on the trails. The latter, on the other hand, evokes a street bike profile that’s sure to earn a legion of fans after launch. Can-Am’s next major announcement regarding the Origin and Pulse is slated for 2023. For now, these are the only details available so stay tuned for more next year.

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Images courtesy of Can-Am