Car tuning is something that many people are passionate about, but there are a number of potential ramifications if you choose to modify your car. To start with, your insurance premium will increase by 5% if you install a full body kit and here’s why

Car insurance companies obviously make their pricing decisions according to hard evidence. If motorists driving modified cars are statistically more likely to have accidents – and we’ll be exploring that right below – then premiums rise correspondingly. Beyond this, modified cars are typically more desirable to thieves.

As many as half of all drivers with these type of cars normally do not report these modifications to their insurer. If this is something you’re considering, then you should probably take time to rethink. All might seem fine until you get into an accident and need to make a claim.

The worst-case scenario could see one end up with nothing if the insurer spots vehicle modifications you did not disclose. However, can tuning cars lead to an unexpected auto accident?

Are Tuned Car Drivers More Likely To Have Accidents?

According to a recent study by insurance provider Money Supermarket, “drivers with cars fitted with modified, aftermarket parts are 27% more likely to have car accidents.”

You should bear this in mind when looking at these statistics though. The definition of aftermarket parts doesn’t exclusively deal with tuned cars. Add-ons like tow bars, alloy wheels, and even parking sensors qualify as aftermarket parts.

Therefore, it’s not only drivers with custom exhausts and uprated engines responsible for these accidents. If you’re thinking of modifying your car in any way, always focus on safety first.

Make Safety Your Main Priority When Modifying Your Car

If you’re thinking of adding tints to windows or lights, you need to be sure that it does not violate any regulations. In many states, tinting lights or brake lights is illegal. While the chances of being pulled over by the police might be slim, you’ll put other drivers at risk instead due to poor visibility.

If you’re tweaking the performance of your ride, don’t give in to temptation and start driving recklessly. If you have a sports car, take it to the racing tracks. Never Overspeed on public highways and don’t drive like a maniac if you have a fully tuned car.

Why Car Tuning Is Not Always a Good Thing

Even among car enthusiasts, those with modified vehicles are not always viewed favorably. Often identified as “attention seekers” or “boy racers”, it’s better to keep your machine in its stock configuration. If not, your insurance premiums will shoot up,

Furthermore, you will be one-fifth more likely to figure in an auto accident. This often puts you on the losing end from the start as all costs pile in. Likewise, tinkering around with the stock parts on your vehicle is quite expensive.

If you’re still willing to customize your ride, the at lease be aware of some pointers that could help. Expert tips can help one understand the basics and to prevent certain oversights leading to more problems.

Simple Pointers For Car Tuning

Before you start with your project, be sure to ask all the right questions. This will help you come up with a solid plan and reduce labor costs along the way. Decide whether the work you have in mind is likely to impact the resale value of your vehicle.

Most cars normally retain their value better if they are in stock condition. Sportier vehicles with modifications will typically command a premium. If you’re looking to tune your vehicle, make sure you comply with all local DMV rules and regulations as well.

You should also consider how tuning your car might affect its lifespan. This might not be something that overly concerns you, or it could be something that influences your decision to mod your ride.

When you’re shopping for mechanics to carry out the work, don’t go looking for the cheapest option. You should be looking for a specialist here. A general mechanic who doesn’t normally work on this kind of project might do a decent job. Or he might not. Instead, take no chances and be prepared to spend a little to get a professional instead.

Never neglect your insurance

In addition to what we said earlier, don’t skimp on getting the appropriate insurance. If you modify your car without informing your insurance provider, you can expect them to rightfully renege on any claims made if your vehicle is no longer in the same condition as when you insured it.

If you’ve already modified your ride and you are taking out a new insurance policy, be certain that you disclose any modifications. Now, how about if you have just invested a great deal of your hard-earned money in a total engine overhaul and you don’t think you can resist the temptation of unleashing your new beast?

Drive carefully and enjoy the tracks

Our suggestion is to schedule a track day with your pride and joy. If you’re lucky enough to live near Germany, you could also enjoy driving along the unrestricted autobahns. However, if you are not, a weekend on the tracks allows you to enjoy your tuned car without worrying about other road users or speed limits.

If you find it difficult to follow regulations you’re driving a tuned car on the road, then don’t get your car modified in the first place. As for the rest though, imagination is your only limitation so remember our tips.

Final Thoughts

Tuning your car alone does not exactly increase your safety risk on the road. Still, if you’re thinking about any performance-related upgrades, make sure you get this done at a reputable garage and make sure the work does not impact the safety and handling of your vehicle.

Even if you opt for a performance-related upgrade, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re prone to accidents. Speed alone is not the killer. Also, many performance upgrades somehow make a car safer. Don’t forget to include your brakes or suspension system. A complete package could actually keep you and others out of harm’s way on the highway.