When you come home from work or in our current situation — step away from your desk – a good couch or sofa would feel as plush as a high-end mattress. In fact, most households extensively use the aforementioned furniture to relax or take a nap. On the other hand, those who have tried an Eames Lounge Chair will no longer settle for anything else. In fact, renowned designer Ian Callum is putting his spin on one.

With machines such as the Ford Puma, Ford Escort Cosworth, Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar I-PACE, Aston Martin Vanquish, Aston Martin DB9, and Aston Martin Vantage under his belt, you can be sure that Callum Designs will not disappoint.

As the saying goes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. Instead, the man behind many of the automotive industry’s iconic machines presents his version of this comfortable seat. The CALLUM Lounge Chair is a thing of beauty that distinctly oozes the finesse of a supercar’s interior.

Delighted to announce our next design story – the CALLUM Lounge Chair, says the company’s official Instagram account. “A design icon meets a design team free to create without restraint. The use of carbon fibre is one way we’ve put a new spin on a classic.”

Just like most modern high-performance vehicles, carbon fiber is the material of choice here. You can find it on both the CALLUM Lounge Chair as well as on the accompanying footstool. Images show that some wooden parts are still intact, but the armrests are now supported by the durable composite.

Likewise, the manufacturer is also toning down on the cushioning for a sleeker silhouette. Tufts which are a familiar element on most Eames Lounge Chairs are not on this one. This handmade seat should be available in a wide selection of colors, but the blue one in the photos look stunning.

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Images courtesy of Callum Designs