When manufacturers want to develop something new or improve upon an existing design, it helps to bring in an expert. Sometimes feedback – both positive and negative – is what engineers need to see the bigger picture. Hence, CADEX did not hesitate to call on a renowned triathlete to develop the new Tri Frameset. None other than Olympic Gold medalist Kristian Blummenfelt.

One look and it’s clear that this silhouette is geared for riders who need to quickly hop on and off their bikes. Hence, we have a top tube delete, while the down tube is notably beefier to compensate. Make no mistake, the durability of the monocoque T1000 carbon fiber frame should be more than enough to support anything you throw at it.

Rider weight shouldn’t be an issue in the first place, since dedicated endurance cyclists typically keep their BMI in control. The Tri Frameset clocks in at about 10 lbs. The “exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio means zero watts wasted with each pedal stroke,” notes CADEX. You can expect a class-leading performance from this bad boy.

To accommodate more users, the company’s engineering team collected the heights and body dimensions of 150 professional and amateur triathletes. After the data analysis, CADEX fabricated the Tri Frameset in five sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, and L. Moreover, to get the best fit and comfort, you can adjust the seat tube angle, handlebar positions, and more.

Just like a race car, triathletes also need to fuel up to maintain peak performance. As such, the Tri Frameset features a bladder system within the downtube. A straw extends upward from the head tube so you can take a sip hands-free. Furthermore, a removable bento box accessory holds up to 10 32 ml gel packs and other nutrition items.

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Images courtesy of CADEX