Amin Moazzen – a fantastic 3D artist and designer – shares his idea of what an ideal waterfront residence should be. He is calling it the Cabin of Hope and we think it fits nicely given the current state of affairs in urban areas. His render shows a structure with sharp edges which stands out from its backdrop of trees and a lake.

Urban living has confirmed many of us in buildings made of cold concrete. Too much time spent within these walls adds to our feelings of despair amid the ongoing health crisis. We all know that a change of scenery can do our body and mind good. This is exactly what the Cabin of Hope offers.

Hiking, trekking, and camping are just some of the great activities we can enjoy in the great outdoors. Although you can choose to live in the Cabin of Hope, some would maybe keep it as a vacation home. Looking at its location, it might be situated a considerable distance from the general population.

If you are looking at it while on the water, it shows three A-frames side by side. Moving around its perimeter, you see a modern interior that interconnects with each section. Images also show a dock for your watercraft. There’s also a spacious area to park up to six vehicles beneath the deck of the upper floor.

Strategic placement of LED lighting gives the Cabin of Hope a surreal glow among the lush forest behind it. Moreover, these also illuminate the water which helps with visibility during a nighttime swim. Meanwhile, the outdoor living area sits below the cantilevered section of the second storey.

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Images courtesy of Amin Moazzen