The biggest names in home entertainment are always vying for spots in consumers’ homes. As innovations continue, large-format displays are becoming more accessible. Nonetheless, there are some offerings only the wealthy can afford. Here is an exclusive bundle from Bang & Olufsen and LG that includes a massive MAGNIT LSAD007 television and Beolab 90 speakers.

These are clearly marketed as premium-tier products and the combination of both should elevate the cinematic experience in any room. Provided you have a wall large enough to hang the panel on and the floor area to accommodate the freestanding speakers, this setup will blow anyone away from start to finish. Just prepare to shell out close to $400K for these.

As we detailed before, manufacturers like LG are gradually shrinking the thickness of their displays. This typically creates an issue when it comes to audio quality, which is why some models are bundled with soundbars. The MAGNIT LSAD007 with the Beolab 90 is a match made in heaven for discerning A/V junkies who demand the absolute best.

To give you an overview of the specifications, the TV delivers stunning 4K UHD visuals via Micro LEDs. A vast 136″ digital canvas that boasts up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness and support for various visual enhancement technologies is as immersive as it gets. Pair it with the Beolab 90 to enjoy outstanding acoustics that hype up the action on screen.

Each unit is packing 18 drivers, 4 class D amplifiers, 14-channels of ICEpower amplifiers, and 8,200W of power. Constructed out of wood, aluminum, and fabric, you can choose from Black, Sand, Black Anthracite, and Parisian Night Blue colorways. Given its size, the LG MAGNIT LSAD007 should be installed by a professional for the best results.

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Images courtesy of LG/Bang & Olufsen