BRASSCENE’s Bioethanol Lamp provides more than just warmth but also an inviting and enchanting touch to any space. Set it up in your living room, bedroom, or backyards in the garden and be mesmerized by its dancing flames. 

Lighting up a fire indoors, especially in the bedroom, is dangerous and hazardous even if you have a fireplace with a chimney there’s always the risk of setting things on fire and inhaling toxic fumes. In terms of portable fuel-powered lamps, no matter how small they are, the fumes, smoke, or odor they emit can still be dangerous when inhaled for longer periods. Not to mention, they are most likely to cause a fire when left unattended.

But thankfully there is a safe fuel alternative called bioethanol, which is ethanol or ethyl alcohol made from plant-based raw materials. Hence, it doesn’t produce dangerous monoxide and this is what BRASSCENE’s Bioethanol Lamp uses. But more than the light and warmth it offers, this lamp is a piece of art in itself and exudes elegance. 

BRASSCENE is a coined word that comes from “brass” and “scene” and was founded in 1971. This brand uses materials such as brass and processing techniques from a manufacturer of wind instrument parts. As such, this lamp utilized precision machining techniques such as brazing and polishing to give it its beautiful brass shine like no other. 

BRASSCENE’s Bioethanol Lamp “pursues the beauty of its appearance to the utmost” with each piece made by hand by a skilled craftsman who makes wind instruments. Form factor aside, it offers just the right amount of warmth to keep you cozy and is hot enough to boil water for a cup of coffee.

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Images courtesy of BRASSCENE