A while back, we featured an awesome e-bike that blows the competition away when it comes to performance. The ASTRO was a remarkable entry into the growing sustainable mobility market, but C3STROM apparently has something even better to offer. If you want the fun to last longer with each ride, then the ASTRO PRO surely fits the bill.

As the name says, this is the premium version of the ASTRO from C3STROM. What we dig about the ASTRO PRO is the design. At first glance, onlookers would easily mistake it for a motorcycle, which is a major part of its appeal. However, it’s a unique and highly capable machine for your daily urban commute or occasional escapade out on the trails.

Ordering Your ASTRO PRO

If you like what you see even before reading our overview, go ahead and order it directly from C3STROM. For the rest who want to learn more about what this bad boy brings to the table, before they decide, just read on through. Firstly, they offer free shipping for buyers in the contiguous U.S.A. Those in other territories, on the other hand, will be charged a small fee.

With that out of the way, your ASTRO PRO should soon be on its way. Take note the company takes all available measures to keep the contents in pristine condition during transport.  As such, expect the unboxing to take some time as everything is securely packed within.

Similar to any e-bike that comes in the mail, there are components which require some assembly. To be honest, this is the part we enjoy the most aside from the actual ride. The instructions are easy enough to follow and it’s not really a complicated process to accomplish. C3STROM also has comprehensive video guides up on YouTube for it.

Design And Details

Trust us when we say the ASTRO PRO looks absolutely stunning in its complete form. The 6061 aluminum alloy construction of its step frame keeps the weight down without compromising durability. Unlike other e-bikes, this bad boy flaunts a beefy chassis that would hardly flex even when riding over rough surfaces.

Those who are not fans of obnoxious branding are in luck because C3STROM likes to keep it subtle. There are only a few sections with any markings or labels of any kind. It’s a classy move on the part of the manufacturer to maintain an understated profile. So far, you can get it in Dark Grey and Future Silver colorways only.

Specifications And Performance

Not only did C3STROM create an exceptionally sleek e-bike, but it also gifted it with an impressive spec sheet. The ASTRO PRO is equipped with a 750W BAFANG rear hub motor. Trials show it can reach a peak output of 1,800W with 59 lb-ft of torque. In Class 3 mode (standard) expect a top speed of approximately 28 mph. Adrenaline pumping action begins the moment you engage Off-road mode as its dials things up to 32 mph.

Powering its electric drive system is a removable 10,400 Wh lithium-ion battery unit from Samsung. A controller and speed sensor are integrated within the chassis to monitor the electronics for additional safety. With pedal assist activated, a full charge should last up to 78 miles. Switch to fully electric and the range drops down to 32 miles, which is actually not bad for multiple short-distance commutes over several days.

For security, owners need the supplied key to lock and unlock the battery that slides right under the top tube. To the front are riser handlebars with the twist throttle, horn, headlamp switch, and turning signal controls on the right. Meanwhile, the left houses the twist shift, power button, mode select buttons, and a USB port for charging devices. The ASTRO PRO cockpit shows a 3.5” backlit LCD display for telemetry and more.

Bluetooth connectivity is likewise available via the companion app on Android or iOS. You’ll also notice that all the cables are threaded through the frame to give the e-bike a clean design. Moreover, this allows for an unimpeded range of movement for the rider. For low-light visibility on the road and trails, we have an inverse trapezoidal headlight assembly with daytime LED running lights and a high/low beam unit. Orange LED turn signals flank each side as well.

Another array of LEDs is just under the saddle and functions as both the brake light and animated turn signal. Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes line each wheel shod in 20” x 4.25” puncture-resistant street tires. The ASTRO PRO clocks in at 94 lbs. and can support riders of varying heights with a comfortable riding position. As for the maximum weight limit, C3STROM says it’s 330 lbs.

Our Takeaway

Brimming with outstanding features, build quality, performance, and not to mention an aggressive design, the ASTRO PRO is one of those e-bikes that just stands out in an already crowded market. Those who order their units now can avail themselves of freebies like a rear cargo rack, fenders, and front/rear reflectors. Optional accessories are also available to kit out your ride. C3STORM totally went out of its way to deliver a powerful and stylish platform for avid cyclists and average commuters. Overall, we believe it’s a must-have for enthusiasts of varying experience levels.

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