For years, the basic outline of a motorcycle and bicycle is quite easy to identify. Most experts can immediately tell from the frame and placement and placement of its other components. However, with the ASTRO from C3STROM, the lines get a bit blurry. We were surprised to learn that this is an electric bicycle.

With a design that leans heavily toward that of an electric motorcycle, the ASTRO can easily pass for one. Still, the moment people see the pedals instantly gives it away. This Class 3 e-bike is available in a standard as well as a PRO configuration. The latter offers a bigger battery capacity and thereby equates to more mileage.

Meanwhile, the rest of the specifications should be the same across the board. C3STROM uses 6061 aluminum alloy for the custom double-triangle frame. This material is a favorite among manufacturers for its lightweight yet rigid characteristics.

A BAFANG 750W rear-mounted geared hub motor draws power from a 780 Wh (1040 Wh for PRO) Samsung battery. The supplied charger can fully juice it up in four to five hours to deliver up to 50 miles (78 miles for PRO). A 6061 aluminum carrying rack at the back can hold up to 33 lbs of cargo.

C3STROM says the e-bike can support riders up to 300 lbs. The front fork features adjustable spring shocks and a digital LCD display to view battery level, speed, and more. Pair your ASTRO with the companion app to unlock even more functionalities.

LED headlamps and taillamps help with night drives and enhance your visibility to other vehicles. IPX6 waterproofing on the ASTRO keeps all electronics in optimal working condition. You can even engage Off-Road Mode to unlock the top speed of 32 mph.

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Images courtesy of C3STORM