When you want to have the most immersive viewing experience at home, a high-end projector will make the happen. Throw in a powerful sound system to add a cinema vibe to your man cave or entertainment room. Another cool yet pricey option would be to purchase the N1 from C-SEED.

Normally, the panels you can order from retailers can max out at around 100 inches depending on the brand. Nevertheless, the likes of Samsung and LG are competing for the biggest display which currently sits at over 1,000 inches and 325 inches respectively.

The largest screen from C-SEED N1, on the other hand, is 165 inches. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in sheer opulence. Instead of just a black slab that oddly stands out against the décor of any room, the TV becomes a stylish and dynamic art piece.

A while back, we featured an outdoor model from C-SEED which is massive at 301 inches. Much like the former, the N1 uses a cutting-edge folding system to keep its physical footprint discrete. C-SEED describes it as “a minimalist sculpture, a kinetic work of art.”

Its aluminum base features a sleek metal sheen and holds another motorized mechanism. This allows it to rise and unfold into a 4K TV at a press of a button. It uses microLED technology and supports HDR10+ and touts a special coating to minimize reflections and produce vibrant colors with deep blacks.

With C-SEED’s proprietary Adaptive Gap Calibration, you won’t even know that there are multiple sections. Meanwhile, audio output comes from 100W broadband speakers. The combination of outstanding visuals and exceptional acoustics will make you want to watch movies and TV shows at home even more.

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Images courtesy of C-SEED