When you’re like some of us here who grew up along with the arcade scene back in ’80s, it was a unique experience. Before video games lined the spaces inside these establishments, pinball machines were the most popular platform where everyone competed for the highest score. If this is what triggers feelings of nostalgia for you, check out these tiny working replicas by Scott Sloan.

This cool endeavor was featured by Glen’s Retro Show on YouTube, where the host shared how the miniatures were built. As with any modern venture, 3D printing technology is a huge help. It allows anyone to fabricate custom parts for almost anything with a little computer-aided design know-how.

Most man caves are filled with stuff like game consoles, gaming PCs, toys, LEGO scale models, musical instruments, and other items guys like. Some choose to add a bit of flair with arcade cabinets and other recreational platforms from their childhood. Pinball machines, dart boards, and pool tables are also excellent options.

These diminutive pinball machines are not only for aesthetics as each unit is fully functional albeit in a digital way. Given their sizes, the real-world mechanics wouldn’t work as intended on a scale this small. As such, the only viable workaround was to use a popular freeware called Visual Pinball X.

Sloan reportedly used a GMKtec mini PC paired with a 7″ display as the playing field. For a dash of authenticity there’s even a 5″ backglass display. Almost everything else has been 3D-printed from scratch to reach the level of detail you can see. There are buttons for the left/right flippers, nudge action, and a working plunger.

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Images courtesy of Scott Sloan/Glen’s Retro Show