It has come to a point wherein major hardware announcements are leaked ahead of the actual event. In fact, we believe these are probably intentional to drum up hype ahead of the big reveal. Samsung’s second Galaxy Unpacked for 2023 is finally over and what debuted were the Z Fold5, Z Fold Flip5, Tab S9 series, and Watch6 series.

Foldables Are Here To Stay

Despite the mixed opinions many tech pundits share, foldable devices are now mainstream. Almost every Android OEM has one and we have Samsung to thank for it. We’re already several generations into smartphones with flexible panels and the latest models are brimming with upgrades. However, those who prefer to stay with the traditional candy bar form factor can skip these for now.

Among the two, the Galaxy Z Fold5 seems exactly the same as the outgoing SKU but is now armed with an improved hinge system and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. As for the Galaxy Z Flip5, it looks like Samsung took a page from Motorola’s RAZR 40 Ultra and gave the clamshell unit a 3.4” external display which supports more functionality than its predecessors.

Bringing Back An Intuitive Feature

When the South Korean group unveiled the Galaxy Watch5 series, longtime users noticed that the rotating bezel was no longer part of the lineup. It might have been a blunder on the manufacturer’s part given it was a distinctive way to interact with the smartwatch.

Thankfully, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic revisits the tactile feel it brings to your wrists. As far as upgrades go, the new wearables are outfitted with larger and more vibrant displays. We also have larger batteries and snappier processors to make everything more responsive. Finally, the “one-click” strap replacement mechanism encourages owners to mix and match their accessories.

And Then There Were Three

For the longest time, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series offers a premium Android tablet experience that can come close to or even rival Apple’s iPad and iPad Pro catalog. Although Lenovo is quickly catching up with its own range of high-end slates, the S9, S9+, and S9 Ultra have once again claimed the top spot.

For 2023, the trio’s overall design remains, but all now sport slimmer bezels. Furthermore, these are now packing custom Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoCs, IP68-rated water and dust resistance, and louder speakers. If you want to replace your laptop with a 2-in-1 hybrid productivity/entertainment device, consider the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

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Images courtesy of Samsung