Due to the sensitivity of electronics, exposure to moisture, direct sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures are not ideal for longevity. Although some portable devices are built to withstand even more, regular TVs are not. Thankfully, there are exceptions like The Terrace from Samsung and more from other brands, but they all pale in comparison to the C-SEED HLR 201.

This is a perfect entertainment appliance to have when you prefer to spend more time outdoors. Keep in mind, that this is not your average TV that’s practically plug-and-play out of the box. Instead, C-SEED “will provide all equipment, installation, drawings, project management and operational user manuals.”

On average, it will take them four to five days to get the display up and running. Instead of a vertical setup, the assembly of the HLR 201 sits horizontally underground. This allows owners to place it in more areas. Dimensions list it at 184” x 48” x 34” when stowed away and 175.6” x 94.5” when it’s open.

It can rotate 90 degrees left or right to adjust viewing angles. With a 201” display it’s actually smaller than C-SEED’s 301. Still, this new model is packing newer technology like micro LEDs which produce deeper blacks. At 4,000 nits, the images displayed by the HLR 201 remain visible even in direct sunlight.

Plus, the glare-free panels ensure nothing distracts you from the action on screen. The stand packs a soundbar for immersive audio even when you’re outside. It takes a little over 30 seconds to fully deploy and enjoy. With the HRL 201 in your entertainment arsenal, you can finally get some vitamin D while you watch movies and TV shows or play video games.

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Images courtesy of C-SEED