Interior designers know that there are several ways to make a home’s theme even more immersive. Visuals are the first thing people notice when they enter a room. Next, sound adds another layer to the mix as background noise or music create an auditory atmosphere. Byredo and OJAS are offering a special gadget they are calling the BYOJ-01, which adds another sensory dimension.

It goes by a couple of names. They describe the BYOJ-01 as a Biradial Controlled Directivity Scent Dispersion Device or also as an Olfactive Stéréophonique. These two labels are just fancy speak for a diffuser, but the item itself is one of the more unique ways to enhance your spaces.

The way it looks is its most striking characteristic. It resembles one of those classic speaker systems you sometimes spot or hear. This is the brainchild of Byredo’s Ben Gorham and OJAS’ founder Devon Turnbull who both share a love for music.

Measuring 5.7” x 6.06” x 7.44” (W x H x D), it can efficiently fill a room about 323 square feet with your aroma of choice. The BYOJ-01 ships with 10 capsules of an exclusive scent from Byredo. Each one can last up to 50 days with regular use of at least two hours a day.

Its aesthetics clearly has influences from speaker design theory. However, the BYOJ-01 does not generate any audio. Instead, it fills your home with pleasing fragrances that can evoke a meditative state. Pair this with a great set of speakers and appropriate music to get the best listening experience.

Perhaps the best way to use the diffuser is to curate every aspect possible. An acoustically tuned room, with controlled LED lighting, a high-fidelity sound system preferably with audiophile-grade headphones, and the BYOJ-01.

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BYOJ-01 Diffuer and box BYOJ-01 Box

Images courtesy of Byredo