This is a collaborative effort of Byredo founder Ben Gorham and French designer and light artist Benoit Lalloz. Byredo Byproduct introduces the INFRA LUNA, a limited edition scent and light diffuser that’s sure to tickle your senses. 

This product boasts a sleek and meticulously-crafted high-tech design. It looks straight out of a sci-fi movie with its futuristic silhouette. But don’t let its appearance stop you from using it. It is fairly simple to use so you can instantly revel in the scent it produces.

What the Byredo Byproduct INFRA LUNA does is use an innovative heating mechanism to diffuse both scent and light. It uses heat to melt the wax of Byredo’s scented candles into liquid. This then allows the scent to escape and fill the area. It comes with three colored candle caps in chrome, blue, or red. The cap, when placed over the candle, casts a beautiful glow or wash of light in the room. 

This here then is both a candle warmer and a light. The candle has its dedicated spot in the middle directly under the overhead bulb. Aside from the central lighting, it also has LED lighting on the base and a green cord for a pop of color. It comes in Lalloz’s signature industrial aesthetic with a circular steel frame.

The Byredo Byproduct INFRA LUNA is similar to the brand’s last scent-focused product, the Olfactive Stéréophonique. While the INFRA LUNA uses heat to disperse scent, the latter utilizes the principles of audio amplification to disperse the fragrance. 

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Images courtesy of Byredo