Are you one of the many who are yet to book their summer getaway? As the travel industry gradually recovers from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, we now have more destinations to choose from. For those who desire the most luxurious experiences, BVLGARI presents the Resort Ranfushi.

After spending the last two years social distancing and mostly huddling at home, people are eager for an escape. The Resort Ranfushi takes you to the beautiful country of Maldives – a veritable tropical paradise. Meanwhile, BVLGARI’s latest project will ferry guests to a private island in the Raa Atoll area.

This is the 13th in the Italian luxury brand’s recreational lineup of upscale establishments. Penning the layout and design is ACPV Architects. The team assures that they will approach every aspect of its construction with sustainability in mind. For now, it’s not clear how the off-grid location will handle its power and utilities.

Nevertheless, some point out that renewable energy sources are abundant in the archipelago. Solar and wind farm systems are the likely candidates, but it seems we just need to wait and see. The Resort Ranfushi’s facilities will span 50 acres of “pristine natural beauty.”

White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush gardens are its biggest attractions. As for the accommodations, guests can stay at the exclusive BVLGARI Villa, 20 overwater villas, and 33 beach villas with their own swimming pools.

As for dining options, there are four restaurants: La Spiaggia, Bao Li Xuan, Il Ristorante – Niko Romito, and Hōseki. The BVLGARI Resort Ranfushi will open its doors in 2025. However, if climate change does not stop, The Maldives will eventually sink due to rising sea levels.

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Images courtesy of BVLGARI