All this talk about whiskey and age statements can probably confuse those who are interested in giving the spirit a try. Just like everything else, there are some who are more snobbish about their drinks, while the rest are more open-minded. However, the longer the whiskey matures the more desirable it becomes, just like these single malts from Bushmills.

When you want to take a break from Scotch, American, Japanese, and other whiskeys, perhaps a sip of a fine Irish blend is in order. If you agree, Bushmills presents a 25-year-old and 30-year-old bottle which you can order right now. According to the distillery, these two are the oldest expressions available at the moment.

Furthermore, these are apparently mainstays in the lineup moving forward. Whiskey enthusiasts should know the last time Bushmills launched a 30-year-old bottle was late in 2022. It was a limited-edition single malt finished in Madeira Casks. Thankfully, there are no indications their latest additions to the roster are in short supply.

Still, we recommend that collectors grab a few if they can as soon as possible. Once word gets out, you bet discerning drinkers will grab every bottle they can. The notable men behind the 25-year-old and 30-year-old single malts are master blender Alex Thomas and master distiller Colum Egan. So far, they can confirm that there is enough to go around for now.

Here’s an overview of what each expression brings to the bar. The younger of the duo were originally aged in bourbon and sherry casks for a little over five years, then finished in ruby port barrels. As for the older Bushmills single malt, it was initially housed in sherry and bourbon casks for 14 years and another 16 years in Pedro Ximenez barrels.

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Images courtesy of Bushmills